Climate Change Minister tells broke Canadians to suck it up
Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault deleted a tweet telling Canadians that their economic woes are no comparison to climate change.

TCS Wire

April 6, 2023

Environment Minister and CN Tower-scaler Steven Guilbeault deleted a tweet just hours after telling Canadians that their hunger and eviction notices are no comparison to the earth’s temperature rising by one degree in the next hundred years (or whatever). 

Steven Guilbeault deletes tweet that dismisses Canadians’ economic woes

Guilbeault quote-tweeted a federally funded non-profit that produces research justifying the Trudeau Liberals’ ever-increasing carbon taxes.  

The non-profit Generation Squeeze tweeted a quote from one of its articles that read, “The prospect of paying for our pollution… can feel like one more hand in our pocket, reaching for a wallet that is already running on empty.”

“But we can’t solve our wallet problems by neglecting our climate problems,” the group said.

Guilbeault then echoed the sentiment, telling Canadians that their economic struggles might be “tough,” but climate change is more important. 

“Inflation can be tough on Canadians, but we can’t neglect the climate crisis,” Guilbeault said.

“Future generations will bear the cost of inaction.” 

Guilbeault tweeted the comment on Wednesday afternoon but deleted it by Thursday morning.

According to a March 22 Ipsos poll, 60% of Canadians are worried they won’t have enough money to feed their family this year. Furthermore, 68% of Canadians are concerned they won’t be able to pay for gas.

Yet, on April 1, the feds raised the carbon tax again, this time by 30% from its last price hike. The hike hit Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Yukon, and Nunavut, while Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island will feel the impact on July 1.

The Liberal government plans to continue raising the carbon tax every year by $15 per tonne of greenhouse gases until 2030.

Last April, PM Justin Trudeau gave himself and every MP a raise on the same day he hiked the carbon tax.

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