DOCUMENTS: Health Canada considered offering parents money to inject their babies with COVID shots

Documents reveal Health Canada considered offering parents money to have them agree to give their babies COVID vaccines.

DOCUMENTS: Health Canada considered offering parents money to inject their babies with COVID shots

In response to a parliamentary question from an Opposition MP regarding records of all surveys commissioned by the Government of Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) disclosed that they polled parents of children to determine how to convince them to give their kids COVID shots.

Unlike most age demographics that showed high vaccine uptake due to coercive “incentives” — including the threat of financial ruin — less than 10% of children aged 0 — 4 years have received at least one COVID shot to this day, among the numerous shots recommended by the feds.

Amid the low uptake, PHAC commissioned a survey to Leger in March 2023, seeking to figure out how to increase COVID vaccine uptake in babies.

As Leger stated in their executive summary, the federal Liberals’ objective was to increase vaccine uptake “even if [parents] perceive the risk of serious illness from COVID-19 to be low and the risk from a new vaccine to be high.” Another objective was to “increase intention to vaccinate children.”

How many Canadians have received COVID inoculation(s), June 11, 2024

A pre-survey was given to 600 parents of children aged 6 months – 5 years, and a post-survey to 1,001 parents of children aged 0 – 12 years after having viewed one of the feds’ vaccine advertisements.

One question asked in each survey was, “Which of the following factors would make you more likely to vaccinate your child(ren) against COVID-19?” Among the boxes parents could check, “receiving a financial incentive” was one of them. In both pre and post surveys, 4% of respondents chose that option as being one that would increase the likelihood they’d vaccinate their babies.

Curiously, for the same question asking what it would take to convince them to vaccinate their children, data isn’t provided for how many parents answered: “More information on children who have received the COVID-19 vaccine,” and “More information on the benefits of vaccinating children.”

For both surveys, less than half of respondents (47%) agreed that COVID vaccines are safe for children 0-5 years old. Just 58% and 61% respectively agreed that COVID vaccines are safe for children between 5-12.

Moreover, asked “Has the recent COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on your confidence in vaccinations in general?,” 30% in each survey said they are less confident, about half said their confidence didn’t change, and 1 in 5 said they are more confident.

Pfizer Contract Exposed

A partially redacted contract between Health Canada and Pfizer was uncovered in November of last year, showing that authorities had no idea what the long-term effects of the mRNA vaccine would be, but they told Canadians it was safe to take anyway.

The heavily-redacted contract was only exposed after an Access to Information Request, and after the Liberal government conceded that they’d rather the Canadian public not have access to it. 

Health Canada continues to allow Canadians to get COVID vaccinated and continues to state that the product is “one of the safest ways” to protect against COVID. However, their website no longer encourages most healthy people to get an updated shot and instead says they are “eligible.”

Last week, Dutch researchers analyzing data from 47 Western countries postulated that the most likely cause of 3 million excess deaths between 2020 and 2022 is the COVID vaccine.

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