Eco-activists attempt to steal sacred artifact from Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle was partially locked down on November 16 after members of the anti-resource development activist group This Is Rigged attempted to seize the Medieval artifact known as the Stone of Scone.

Eco-activists attempt to steal sacred artifact from Edinburgh Castle

Police arrested three individuals in their early twenties after they failed to break the glass that contained the Stone of Scone. 

Historical Environment Scotland designates the Stone of Scone – also known as the Stone of Destiny – as a sacred object and ancient symbol of Scotland’s monarchy. For centuries, the stone was used in the inauguration of Scottish kings.

Because the activists couldn’t smash through the glass, they ultimately ended up spray-painting on the Stone’s case, resulting in the closure of the Crown Room and Royal Apartments.

The group’s vandalism and attempted theft was apparently done in the name of bringing attention to the cost of living crisis. 

This is Rigged is demanding that supermarkets reduce the prices of baby products to 2021 levels, and are calling on the Scottish Government to fund one community food hub for every 500 people.

The activists drew parallels between their act and the historical context of the Stone of Scone, which was stolen from Westminster Abbey and brought back to Scotland by University of Glasgow students.

A spokesperson for Historic Environment Scotland confirmed the disturbance, noting damage to the protective glass but reassuring the public that the Stone of Scone itself remained unharmed. 

The affected areas were temporarily closed, but the Castle remained open.

Similar stunts have also been pulled off recently in Canada by radical climate activists.

In August, climate cultist group On2Ottawa threw paint onto Canadian icon Tom Thomson’s Northern River painting at the National Gallery of Canada. 

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