Fauci claims memes killed 200,000 people during pandemic

During his testimony on the origins of COVID and the pandemic at the House hearing yesterday, Anthony Fauci claimed conspiracy theorists, podcasters, and their memes are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Fauci claims memes killed 200,000 people during pandemic

“Listening to people who you just described [podcasters, conspiracy theorists, and unhinged Facebook memes] is going to do nothing but harm people because they will deprive themselves of life-saving interventions, which has happened,” Fauci said.

“And you know, some have done studies, [sic] has done an analysis of this and shows that in people who refuse to get vaccinated for any of a variety of reasons—probably responsible for an additional two to three hundred thousand deaths in this country.”

In other news, while Fauci was testifying, researchers analyzing data from 47 Western countries published a study that found that the COVID vaccine—which Anthony Fauci spearheaded the mandating of—is the most likely cause of over 3 million excess deaths between 2020 and 2022, with the authors recommending that governments around the world seriously reconsider their pandemic policy next time around and launch in-depth investigations.

People call for the immediate jailing of Anthony Fauci

During his testimony, people around the world, both in the room with Fauci and on social media, called for Fauci’s immediate jailing over his recommendation of lockdowns, masking, and social distancing, which he later admitted to knowing wouldn’t do anything to stop the spread of COVID-19 and were purely performative.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s time to question Fauci was particularly noteworthy, saying he should be prosecuted and thrown in jail for crimes against humanity.

She also brought up the kind of research Fauci has approved before, specifically a case wherein beagles had their vocal cords removed before being eaten by flesh-eating insects in what can only be described as blatant animal cruelty.

“As a dog lover, I want to tell you that this is disgusting and evil—what you signed off on and these experiments that happened to beagles—paid for by the American taxpayer,” Greene told Fauci.

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