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Mainstream media desperately pushes for mask mandates

Keean Bexte

April 5, 2022

Mainstream media outlets have been relentless in their fight to keep Canadians in fear and masked, despite most mask mandates being lifted only weeks ago.

In anticipation of Quebec’s decision to extend their mask mandate, several outlets penned articles drawing on “experts” to explain why it’s okay to restrict Quebecers’ freedom for just a little bit longer.

Experts say masks still a top tool as Quebec considers prolonging mandate,” writes Global News.

Quebec should hold off on lifting mask mandates: experts,” a headline from the Montreal Gazette reads. McGill University subsequently disseminated the article to students to explain why they’ll finish the semester in a face covering.

Experts say masks still a top tool as Quebec considers prolonging mandate,” a headline from CTV News reads.

Experts! Experts! Experts!

Global News also pushed for continued masking in Toronto in an article entitled “Toronto’s top doctor encourages masks in public spaces as Ontario sees 6th wave of COVID.”

This article, of course, makes no mention of Ontario’s most recent data showing that COVID-related deaths in the province have all but flatlined and that the boosted have a higher death rate than the unvaccinated.

One of their journalists even took to Twitter, clearly satisfied with the Quebec government’s decision.

The Toronto Star has been busy fighting to get Canadians masked again, too. They recently put out a poll entitled “Have your say: Is it time to bring back mask mandates in Ontario?” Is it time? Ontarians have only had two weeks of not being forced to wear face diapers.

Their choice words for poll options are quite telling, giving voters the following:

  • Yes — I think we dropped them too early.
  • No — I think enough people are masking voluntarily.
  • No — the high rate of vaccination means it’s alright to have dropped the mask mandate.
  • I’m not sure.

There was no option of “No — And we should never have had them in the first place.” 

This biased framing, which suggests only answers that comply with pro-restriction mainstream narratives are valid, isn’t too surprising, though. During lockdowns, the Star became infamous for publishing a front-page opinion article stating that it’s acceptable to “Let [the unvaccinated] die” simply for being unvaccinated.

They’ve become less explicit in their hatred for the non-compliant lately but still manage to fearmonger to their readers every day, ensuring readers that ‘the pandemic is not over’ and that people should live as though the restrictions are still in place even if they aren’t.

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