Mainstream scientists reject invitation to UCP event on vaccine safety concerns

Following intense scrutiny from the mainstream media over a vaccine event hosted by the UCP, pro-vaccine scientists, doctors, and professors opted not to participate in a debate. 

Mainstream scientists reject invitation to UCP event on vaccine safety concerns

The event, “An Injection of Truth”, was held in Calgary on Monday and hosted by the United Conservative Party, featuring prominent doctors who shared their concerns with COVID vaccines. 

One of the event organizers, Darrell Komick, President of Calgary-Lougheed UCP CA, told The Counter Signal that multiple doctors and scientists supported by the mainstream media were invited to a live debate over COVID-19 vaccine safety. 

None of the scientists, doctors, or professors, including Timothy Caulfield, a researcher and professor at the University of Alberta, have denounced the event as misinformation and refused to attend.

“We’re trying to discuss what the actual science behind these injections is…but it doesn’t seem like the misinformation junkies want to talk about the facts. They only want to talk about the fear,” stated Komick. 

Additionally, Dr. Byram W. Bridle, who spoke at the event, called out Caulfield, inviting him to a live debate, stating that he “lacks expertise” and is “emotionally triggered.”

He went on to question why the legacy media “champions” continually hide, stating, “A person can’t claim to be the fastest runner in the world and then refuse to compete with others.” 

“Why don’t you legacy media set the stage, you set the tone, you set the place. I’ll show up, and you host a debate between me and your beloved Timothy Caulfield,” he said, with the audience cheering immediately after. 

Attempts to cancel the event

Politicians, mainstream media, and online platforms had attempted to cancel “An Injection of Truth,” including the ticket seller website Eventbrite, which completely dropped the event from their page. 

On Thursday morning, the website displayed a “not found” message on the event page, leaving the UCP to sell tickets directly from their website. 

Despite criticism from multiple online platforms, the event continued and sold out the venue while thousands of Canadians watched via a livestream.

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