BREAKING: Omicron has caused zero deaths globally, pandemic is dying out

Despite non-stop media fearmongering, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recorded zero deaths from the Omicron variant of COVID.

Thomas Lambert

December 6, 2021

Despite non-stop media fearmongering, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recorded zero deaths from the Omicron variant of COVID.

To make matters worse for lockdown politicians, the WHO says they aren’t even sure how serious the Omicron variant is.

“Let’s not get deterred right now. Let us first get as much information as possible to make the correct risk assessment based on the information that we will have, and then let’s move on,” WHO spokesperson Christian Lindmeier said.

“Let’s not get completely worried or confused by individual information which are all individually important, but which need to be brought together in order to assess together.”

This revelation should come as no surprise, though, as the doctor who first discovered the new variant said it was significantly milder than other variants and could be easily treated at home over a few days.

“Looking at the mildness of the symptoms that we are seeing, currently there is no reason for panicking, as we don’t see severely ill patients,” explained Dr. Angelique Coetzee in an interview with Reuters.

“I also checked with the hospitals, some of the hospitals in my area, and one of the biggest hospitals that have one patient currently that’s COVID positive on a ventilator, and they don’t even know whether it’s COVID or whether it’s Delta, or whether it is Omicron related.”

“We acknowledge that it might change going forward,” Coetzee continues, “but the hype that’s been created out currently out there in the media and worldwide doesn’t correlate with the clinical picture. And it doesn’t warrant to just cut us off from any travelling and ban South Africa as if we are the variants in the whole process.”

“It should not be like that.”

Nonetheless, governments worldwide have seized upon the emergence of a new variant as a means of justifying even more draconian lockdown procedures and discriminatory policies.

For example, both the Netherlands and Australia have erected ‘voluntary’ COVID camps for anyone even suspected of coming into contact with a person who tested positive with COVID.

These camps are so brutal that the effective prisoners need to sneak past guards, scale barbed-wire fences, and then travel by foot to escape their jailers, who hunt them down as if they were runaway slaves on a plantation.

Other countries, such as Austria and Germany, have reimplemented lockdowns — which were initially for the unvaccinated exclusively but then were expanded to include everyone.

Regardless, the vaccine passports are still in effect, and walls have been set up in public places as a barrier for those with the passport and those without.

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