Student unions are creating young jihadists, they must be abolished
Student unions have struck an unholy alliance between far-left intersectionality and radical Islam.

Keean Bexte

November 21, 2023

The connections between student unions in Canada and sympathies towards terrorist groups like Hamas are becoming more obvious by the day.

Student unions are creating young jihadists, they must be abolished

McGill University’s recent episode serves as a glaring testament to this trend, wherein an overwhelming 78% of participating students endorsed a controversial pro-Palestinian policy, provocatively titled “Policy Against Genocide in Palestine.”

Student unions link arms with radical Islam

Student unions have struck an unholy alliance between far-left intersectionality and radical Islam. The worst part of it all is that they are dragging innocent students along for the ride.

Have universities lost their purpose? How can we justify student unions that act as extremist miniature governments that tax students and radically misrepresent them? 

Students are forced to pay student unions dues

Currently, to be a student is to be a member of a union. There is no opt-out process, and there is definitely no opt-in process. Student unions across the country rely on unwitting kids who want to become nurses, engineers, and scientists to fund their bloated bureaucracy that advocates for extremist causes like the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctioning of Israel).

Students already strapped for cash with unaffordable housing and the rising cost of groceries are forced to fund the student unions on a semesterly basis. 

Governments ought to reconsider the continued existence of student unions, as they have become unchecked, unruly and un-Canadian. 

Union actions & policies have stopped representing students

In fact, their actions and policies do not represent the views of most of their student bodies. Many students find themselves dissatisfied with the direction their unions are taking, yet they have little recourse, as opting out of union dues is not usually possible.

Student unions have become petri dishes where radical ideologies flourish and the worst sort of ignorance prevails. It’s now clear to all that they pose a terrible threat to the overall well-being of the student body at any credible institution. 

This not only jeopardizes the intellectual integrity of these institutions but raises concerns about whether higher learning is even possible in the postsecondary world. 

The infiltration of radical activists into the fabric of student unions has, regrettably, manifested in the disgusting rise of antisemitism on university campuses. 

Some students side with Hamas

Although Israel has never been cited for committing genocide by any credible international court and McGill has threatened to cut ties with their student union, these student jihadists have taken it upon themselves to be useful idiots for Hamas. 

Governments must not shy away from their responsibility to address this. Yet, what can be done? 

In the same way Ontario and Alberta have required universities to abide by the Chicago Principles of freedom of expression, they can also quash the growing wave of radicalism by mandating stringent criteria for student unions.

Student unions must be free from sympathies towards terrorists

Student unions must be compelled to ensure that they are free from sympathies towards terrorist groups. If they refuse, they should lose the right to force students to pay them dues and be members of their radical organizations, all in exchange for an oftentimes useless university degree. 

Student unions failing to meet these standards should face consequences, period. These consequences should include defunding, abolishment and even expulsion from schools for the most severe violators. 

The unchecked influence of extremist ideologies within student unions imperils the very essence of not only academic freedom but also Canada’s democracy. 


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