Study finds vaccinated people spread COVID for a longer period of time

Study finds that the vaccinated spread COVID for longer

A new study suggests that vaccinated individuals infected with COVID spread it for a longer period of time than the unvaccinated.

Study finds that the vaccinated spread COVID for longer
Study finds that the vaccinated spread COVID for longer

Researchers published their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine as a letter to the editor and appeared to have tried to downplay the variance.

“…We did not find large differences in the median duration of viral shedding among participants who were unvaccinated, those who were vaccinated but not boosted, and those who were vaccinated and boosted,” they wrote.

However, as the data indicates, the vaccinated were contagious for a longer period than the unvaccinated.

For example, after ten days of getting infected with COVID, only 31% of unvaccinated individuals in the study were still testing positive by PCR test, compared to 70% of vaccinated individuals and 61% of vaccinated plus boosted individuals.

Moreover, five days later, only 6% of unvaccinated participants were still testing positive, compared to 22% and 7.5% of vaccinated and boosted individuals, respectively.

It should be noted the sample size was small, with just 66 subjects in total being involved. 

Nonetheless, that’s 66 more people than the government-funded study we wrote about in March, wherein researcher Fisman used ‘modelling’ (not real-data) to allow him to ‘find’ the conclusions he wanted. 

To this point, Dr. Byram Bridle took Fisman to task for what Bridle said was a severely flawed study — including the fact that Fisman didn’t account for the waning immunity provided by vaccines.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped politicians and mainstream media reporters from referencing Fisman’s study repeatedly.

When that study came out, well over a dozen legacy media outlets propped it up over one day, fearmongering to the public about the risks of “mixing” with unvaccinated people.

Furthermore, just last month, a Liberal MP referenced the shady study when justifying the continued discrimination against unvaccinated individuals coming into Canada.

Sadly, it’s safe to assume this newest study that contradicts Fisman’s will be ignored. Mainstream media and Liberal politicians will continue to reference “the science” as if they don’t arbitrarily pick and choose which science fits their political agendas — and which science contradicts it.

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