Top 5 outrageous demands from trans activists’ “Rainbow week of action”  
Here are the top 5 absurd claims made by trans activists in Canada who are staging nationwide rallies starting next week.

Mike Campbell

May 9, 2024

LGBT-related Canadian taxpayer-funded organizations are staging their biggest rallies yet against what they call increasing levels of hate, which is code for policies they don’t like. 

Top 5 outrageous demands from trans activists’ “Rainbow week of action”  

Cue the “Rainbow week of action” that kicks off next week, but to be clear, this is unrelated to Pride month (June), Pride season (summer), ‘Trans Day of Visibility’ (March 31), Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20), Transgender Week of Awareness (November 13—19), Transgender Awareness Month (November), Trans Parent Day (first Sunday in November), International Non-Binary People’s Day (July 14), and Pronouns Day (third Wednesday in October) — to name a few.

The organizers of the week, Society of Queer Momentum, state that “rallies are planned in 12 Canadian cities leading up to May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia.” 

Here are their top 5 outrageous claims and demands that are listed on their website on their “calls to action” directed to elected officials.

  1. They claim that men have no advantage over women in sports

They call for trans-identified biological boys and men to have a legal right to compete against women and girls in every sport, and even call transgender sports bans “anti-feminist.”

Moreover, they deny the claim that biological men have an unfair advantage in women’s sports, saying it “lacks credible evidence,” as per a White Paper with 29 transgender policy recommendations that the group endorses.

“The real threat to women’s sports is not trans women, it’s a systemic lack of funding for women’s sports,” the paper reads

  1. They demand always affirming a child’s self-stated gender identity

“Trans kids” should always be affirmed, at least according to recommendation 14 of the White Paper: 

“The Government of Canada lead by example by making self-attestation the standard for gender marker changes on all federal identity documents.”

No minimum age limit was provided with this recommendation.

“When cisgender men and boys or women and girls assert that they are men and boys or women and girls, we don’t ask for more evidence. However, when trans men and boys, women and girls, or gender diverse people do the same thing, we ask them to jump through hoops to prove that they are the gender they say they are,” the White Paper reads.

So if your five year old says he’s a girl, he’s a girl, and you should inform the relevant authorities to make sure his legal documents are aligned with his gender identity.

  1. They want more biological men to be let into women’s prisons 

If you haven’t been thinking about trans prisoners rights lately, you’re probably not alone. But don’t worry, because the White Paper addressed this crucial issue, namely by recommending that we allow people to choose whatever prison they want to go to based on whatever gender they claim. 

What could go wrong?

“During sentencing, trans and gender diverse people now have the option to be sent to a prison that aligns with their gender,” the White Paper states.

“However, there are serious issues for people who require a transfer after sentencing.”

It further notes the tragic statistic that is “83% of trans women who requested to be transferred to a prison designated for women have been denied their request.”

“These decisions put the lives of these trans women at risk,” it states.

They also want the government to provide free “gender-affirming procedures” to inmates because there’s never a better time to reflect on your gender identity than when you’re in the slammer for sexual assault. 

Maybe you’re really a lesbian with a penis? Let us pay for your fake breasts before we process your transfer.

  1. They demand giving “trans boys” faster access to “top surgery” 

In light of a policy announced by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith that bans surgeries on anyone under 18, the organizer of the “Rainbow week of action,” Fae Johnstone, openly promotes providing “trans boys” access to breast removal surgery. 

“Regret rates for gender-affirming surgeries are exceedingly low,” Johnstone states, citing a study consisting of 139 responses.

Since noting the miniscule study, another one that spans 15 years and 2,772 children revealed that most so-called “trans kids” eventually outgrow their gender dysphoria and realize they were simply confused.

Moreover, a recently leaked video clip from the world’s so-called leading transgender authority, WPATH, showed a panel member acknowledging that many young adults who received trans medical care later experience “reproductive regret.” 

Yet, as the White Paper states, “all gender-affirming care is healthcare.”

  1. They demand free reproductive care because (they admit!) medical treatments can increase infertility 

In one of the more mind boggling contradictions, the White Paper demands free reproductive care because, the authors admit, trans medical treatments can negatively impact fertility. 

“Unfortunately for trans and gender diverse people who medically transition and others who get medical treatments that affect their fertility, the ability to start a family often comes down to the ability to pay out-of-pocket for fertility treatments.”

As such, they state that “Comprehensive gender affirming care must include reproductive care.”

‘Sorry your free hormone therapy is making it harder for you to have a baby — let us pay for whatever is necessary to get you pregnant, sir.’

Honourable mention

The Rainbow Week of Action is demanding more funding, of course, even though the federal Liberals throw hundreds of millions of dollars towards Pride-related non-profit organizations, including a $100 million investment in 2022 towards an action plan for LGBTQ2S+ communities.

Most insane sentence in the White Paper:

“Colonialism and racism make Two-Spirit, Indigenous, and racialized trans women especially at risk of transfemicide.”

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