Trudeau’s brother calls CCP advisor Zhang ‘honourable,’ denies wrongdoing
Alexandre Trudeau spoke to a committee about the CCP-backed donation to his family foundation, and called CCP advisor Zhang Bin “honourable.”

TCS Wire

May 4, 2023

Justin Trudeau’s brother testified on Wednesday regarding the Chinese Communist Party-backed donation to the Trudeau Foundation, saying he thought the transaction was clean — and called CCP advisor Zhang Bin an “honourable man.” 

Trudeau’s brother calls CCP advisor Zhang ‘honourable man,’ denies wrongdoing

Alexandre Trudeau had volunteered to answer questions at the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics regarding the dirty donation.

In March, the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation attempted to give back the CCP-backed donation recently discovered — and weeks later, the entire Board of Directors, President, and CEO resigned.

Alexandre Trudeau denied wrongdoing and even praised the giver of the scandalous donation, CCP advisor Zhang Bin.

“As far as I’m concerned, he’s an honourable man,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau further said the committee was wasting its time with its investigation into the donation.

The Prime Minister’s brother also said the only agreement he ever signed for — in his twenty years with the Foundation — was the alleged CCP-backed donation. However, Trudeau said he still has no reason to this day to believe the donation was dirty. 

“I don’t think this is accurate information,” he said.

Later, Conservative MP Michael Cooper asked Trudeau why CCP advisor Zhang Bin would attend a cash-for-access event in 2016 given that Zhang was not a Canadian citizen. 

“I bet he wanted a photo with the Prime Minister to show to his friends,” Trudeau responded.

Conservative MP Larry Brock later asked Trudeau if he did due diligence on the company that the dirty donation came from, namely Zhang’s Millenium Golden Eagle International Company.

Trudeau admitted that he knew the address for Zhang’s multi-million dollar company led to a mansion in a Montreal suburb, but he said it’s not an issue.

Brock pressed Trudeau, further noting that a Hong Kong address listed by the company doesn’t even exist.

Trudeau said he wasn’t aware, and added: “Corporate addresses are fairly irrelevant, frankly, for the nature of ownership, for the nature of taxes.”

“Thank you, everything’s irrelevant, I get it,” Brock responded.  

As reported by the Epoch Times, the former CEO of the Trudeau Foundation, Morris Rosenberg, conceded on Tuesday that he met with Chinese officials to discuss the potential donation in 2014.  

“So the foundation met with a foreign government, arranged this donation … and it’s minuted that it was a requirement to have Mr. [Alexandre] Trudeau personally involved,” MP Barrett said.

Last month, Prime Minister Trudeau said that he wasn’t involved with his family’s charity ever since he was elected in 2015.

However, Trudeau met Zhang in 2016 at a cash-for-access Liberal Party fundraiser hosted by the Chinese Business Chamber of Canada chair Benson Wong. Trudeau was the guest of honour at the event. The pay-to-play Liberal fundraiser came just months after Zhang’s donation was finalized.

Moreover, last month, The French-Canadian outlet La Presse reported that The Prime Minister’s Office spoke directly to an executive director from the Trudeau Foundation one year after Justin Trudeau was first elected Prime Minister.

Zhang donated $1 million to “honour the memory and leadership” of Trudeau’s father and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, as reported in the Globe and Mail. Most of Zhang’s and businessman Niu Gensheng’s donation went to the University of Montreal, while $140,000 went to the Trudeau Foundation.

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