Twitter censors our viral story reporting on vaccine-related injuries

On January 3, Twitter joined the ranks of Facebook and Reddit to actively ban, remove, or censor news from The Counter Signal.


January 4, 2022

On January 3, Twitter joined the ranks of Facebook and Reddit to actively ban, remove, or censor news from The Counter Signal.

Twitter labelled tweets sharing our story about vaccine-related injuries reaching 1 million in 2021 as “misleading,” despite our reporters directly relying on data and information published by the American Center for Disease Control.

The title speaks for itself in terms of being newsworthy. What could possibly interest the public more than critical information regarding the high risk of a vaccine so many are being forced to take?

In the article, TCS journalist Thomas Lambert meticulously disseminates the relevant information regarding vaccine adverse event reports and the over 21,000 deaths following inoculation with the COVID vaccine. Colourful language is minimal. Though, he does call the vaccine “extremely dangerous,” which it is.

In response to our reporting the harrowing milestone of 1 million vaccine adverse events reports, Twitter decided to slap a “Misleading” label on our article, ensuring that the article, which had nearly 1,000 shares from my account alone, didn’t make the rounds on Twitter.

Effectively, they cut us down at the knee just as our article was going viral. And they, of course, did not specify what was misleading — hint: Because it wasn’t misleading at all.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, either. At The Counter Signal, we have long been aware that platforms such as Facebook and Reddit are outright banning or otherwise throttling our efforts to get accurate COVID and COVID vaccine information to the public.

On Reddit, we’ve basically been forced to throw in the towel.

As one Reddit user pointed out after someone finally managed to get our Trudeau sniper story posted, “I’m trying to spread this everywhere so that it can hit the mainstream. But you’ll see it instantly removed from Reddit. Any sort of news sub, instantly downvoted. Do a google search, the comments are disgusting.”

“I think at this point the Prime Minister himself could go live and say he was wrong about all this and most people would just call him a covidiot and a far right Trump supporter.”

“Canadians are deeply entrenched in the propaganda,” he continued. “Sh*t is getting real out here!”

Indeed, it is. And we feel the pain of trying to share our content, especially on Reddit, where we appear to be permabanned.

On Facebook, efforts to suppress our content are more subtle, with ground-breaking, sometimes controversial stories that take off on Twitter getting less traction than mundane, innocuous, throwaway stories that we cover when there isn’t much news to speak of.

Besides throttling and shadowbanning us, Facebook also, of course, slaps a warning label on practically everything COVID-related to remind users that we’re not the experts — even if we actively cite experts — they are… Even though Facebook came out and admitted that their fact checks are legally considered nothing more than the opinions of their leftist employees.

With three of the largest social media platforms actively banning our content, specifically, the stories that cover COVID-19 and vaccine-related data, it’s clear that the tech oligarchs want this topic to remain verboten unless they can control the frame, and they can control what parts of the data the public sees. They want you partially informed or completely uninformed if possible. They want you to remain in the dark about what the data says. They want you to trust the science but never read it for yourself. So, as it stands, ‘Trust us, and don’t believe your lying eyes if someone shows you the data!’

However, this anti-fact, anti-truth, repressive attitude towards us and the public does nothing but bolster our spirits. On the contrary, it reaffirms that we are doing what needs to be done and covering the stories that the public needs to hear.

The writers at The Counter Signal and I have no intention to bend the knee now or ever to those who would silence the truth, no matter what the cost — financial or otherwise.

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