Canadian Press sources Trudeau mega donor in latest Poilievre hit piece
Dozens of MSM outlets have once again propped up anti-Poilievre sentiment, this time by sourcing a long-time Liberal Party booster.

Mike Campbell

March 28, 2024

The taxpayer subsidized Canadian Press (CP) has sourced a Liberal Party of Canada mega donor in its latest hit piece on Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre.

Canadian Press sources Trudeau mega donor in latest Poilievre hit piece

The CP sourced Muslim-Canadian Nawaz Tahir, a lawyer out of London, Ontario, who’s donated thousands of dollars to the Trudeau Liberals since 2015, to drum up anti-Conservative sentiment among Muslim-Canadians. 

“We won’t forget,” the hit piece’s headline starts, “How some Muslims view Poilievre’s stance on Israel-Hamas war.”

The CP sourced one Muslim man to speak for all, giving him multiple quotes, with the viewpoint that Muslims won’t forgive the Conservative Party over their positioning on the Israeli-Hamas war compared to the Liberals’.

A deeper dive into Tahir shows that he’s donated over $13,000 to the Liberal Party of Canada since 2015 — and none to the Conservatives. 

Tahir’s LinkedIn profile shows a picture of himself with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when they met, and his interests in LinkedIn are but one — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Tahir serves on the Hikma Public Affairs Council, a London-based Muslim advocacy group.

The CP piece was picked up by dozens of mainstream outlets, including the Toronto Star, the Winnipeg Free Press, The Times Colonist, Yahoo News Canada, National Newswatch, City News, and many more.

UNRWA controversy

Conservatives recently voted against Canada funding the UNRWA from providing humanitarian support to Gaza while at least 12 UNRWA employees were shockingly accused of being Hamas terrorists who participated in the October 7, 2023 attack on Israel. After these allegations surfaced, the Liberals temporarily paused their funding to the UNRWA, but quickly unpaused it after the UN released an interim report on the matter that provided little to vague conclusions about the allegations.

CP hit pieces a common trend

It’s not the first time a CP Poilievre hit piece was scooped up and spit out by virtually all of Canada’s news outlets.

Last year, state-broadcaster CBC, CTV, and the Toronto Star – to name a few – published the exact same piece on Poilievre, framing him as a conspiracy theorist due to his positioning against the unelected World Economic Forum.

The identical headlines read “Poilievre’s Conservative Party embracing language of mainstream conspiracy theories.” 

Of course, the article published by the various outlets was literally the same one, written by Mickey Djuric of the Canadian Press.

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