UK gov investigating TV program critical of COVID vaccine
UK’s broadcast regulator announced it’s investigating comments critical of the COVID vaccine made on Mark Steyn’s GB News program.  

Mike Campbell

October 12, 2022

The UK broadcast regulator announced it’s investigating comments critical of the COVID vaccine made on Mark Steyn’s GB News program.  

UK gov investigating TV program critical of COVID vaccine
UK gov investigating TV program critical of COVID vaccine.

“We consider that comments made during an interview with author and journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf about the Coronavirus vaccine rollout raise potential issues under our Broadcasting Code,” stated Ofcom, the UK broadcasting regulator. 

Wolf dropped nuclear statements on Steyn’s show while discussing the mRNA COVID vaccine and its rollout. She said the control public health authorities have over doctors is akin to the 1930s in Germany. 

“It was the doctors in pre-Nazi Germany in the early 30s who were co-opted by the national socialists and sent to do exactly what we’re seeing kind of re-playing now.” 

Wolf said doctors are under threat to comply with COVID vaccine talking points relating to the risks and benefits of immunization. Doctors who don’t comply risk their medical associations revoking their license to practice.

Ofcom said it received 411 viewer complaints about Wolf’s comments. 

Wolf also dug into some of the findings around the COVID vaccine and noted that 3,500 medical experts examined the Pfizer documents.

“They’re finding horrific harms against human reproduction. 360 degree harms,” she alleged.

“Who should be stepping up to announce this? The [American Medical Association] — who’s announcing it? It’s people like you and me.” 

“This is a scandal like we’ve never seen before, of this magnitude.”

Wolf also pointed to studies that show men have lower sperm counts and other cell damage for boys that impact masculinity following inoculation. 

Referring to a study that found the mRNA vaccine in women’s breast milk, Wolf alleged the vaccines are damaging women’s placentas, which she said is causing chromosomal abnormalities. 

“This is why I believe these are bio weapons,” she stated. 

Interestingly, criticism of Wolf’s comments come as UK health officials are restricting access to the COVID vaccine. For example, the UK is no longer offering the COVID-19 vaccine to children under 12, saying kids don’t need it and they likely already have natural immunity.

And, the UK government has released a report stating that pregnant and breastfeeding women should under no circumstance get the Pfizer COVID vaccine due to a lack of trial data on the vaccine’s effect on reproductive health.

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