Bomb threat on Air Canada Delhi-Toronto flight deemed a hoax
Air Canada flight receives bomb threat minutes before taking off.

TCS Wire

June 5, 2024

An Air Canada flight traveling from Delhi to Toronto faced a bomb threat via email on Tuesday night, which turned out to be a false alarm.

Bomb threat on Air Canada Delhi-Toronto flight deemed a hoax

Upon receiving the threat, the flight was directed to an isolation bay as part of precautionary measures, where authorities investigated the threat. 

The bomb threat email was received by the Delhi International Airport Limited office at the same time the flight was set to take off, around 10:50 p.m. local time Tuesday night.

“A thorough inspection was conducted following standard security protocols, and nothing suspicious was found,” stated a senior police officer, who added that legal action is being pursued.

This event mirrors two similar situations that have taken place over the past week, involving a Paris-Mumbai Vistara flight, and a Delhi-Srinagar Vistara flight that received a mid-air bomb threat last Friday.

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