Boris Johnson fined for violating his own COVID restrictions

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be fined for breaking his own COVID restrictions during the winter months.

As part of an ongoing investigation, several of Britain’s political elite are receiving fines for disregarding the very lockdown policies they instituted and promoted.

According to a government announcement, “The prime minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer have today received notification that the Metropolitan Police intend to issue them with fixed penalty notices.” 

The police are reportedly issuing questionnaires to determine who has attended a party during lockdowns, with Johnson believed to have gone to at least six.

As per Sky News, “Police issued the first 20 fines on 1 April to people who attended a leaving do for a Number 10 official on 18 June 2020 in the Cabinet Office building at 70 Whitehall.

“Some of those fines were also handed out to people who attended two events on 16 April 2021, the day before Prince Philip’s funeral.”

As previously reported by The Counter Signal, Johnson’s staff often held ‘wine-time Fridays,’ which Johnson encouraged to allow his aides to “let off steam” while simultaneously locking down innocent civilians, closing down pubs, and destroying small businesses.

According to the Mirror, “Sources told the Mirror that the Prime Minister encouraged aides to “let off steam” despite indoor socializing being banned under lockdown rules.”

“The regular event was so popular that staff even invested in a £142 drinks fridge to keep their bottles of white wine, Prosecco and beer cool,” the report continues.

These fines have come 12 weeks since Johnson lifted virtually all COVID restrictions, which came immediately after he was shamefully caught.

“As a result, from the start of Thursday next week, mandatory certification will end,” Johnson said to parliament on January 19. “Organizations can, of course, choose to use the NHS COVID pass voluntarily, but we will end the use of compulsory COVID certification in England.”

“From now on, the government is no longer asking people to work from home,” Johnson continued. “And people should now speak to their employers about arrangements for returning to the office. And having looked at the data carefully, that once regulations lapse, the government will no longer mandate the wearing of face masks anywhere.”

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