#BoycottScotiabank trends after it de-banks military vet critical of Trudeau

TCS Wire

January 23, 2023

#BoycottScotiabank trended on social media after the bank informed military veteran Jeremy MacKenzie it was closing his account because he was beyond its “risk appetite.” 

#BoycottScotiabank trends after it de-banks military vet critical of Trudeau

Last week, MacKenzie received a call from a Scotiabank representative. The bank rep told him that Scotiabank’s head office determined his account would be suspended imminently.

MacKenzie wasn’t told why he was no longer welcome to use the bank beyond “risk appetite.”

MacKenzie recorded the phone call and released it on the internet.

“What part of it is too risky for the bank – is that my military pension?” MacKenzie asked.

“I’m afraid I don’t have any more detail. I’m just the messenger,” the bank rep said. 

The Scotiabank agent further told MacKenzie he’s not allowed to visit any bank premises without permission. 

MacKenzie was also told his mortgage would continue until the term expires in November 2024. Asked how this was possible given his bank account would be permanently closed within 30 days, the agent told MacKenzie to email his branch for further direction. 

MacKenzie’s political views and criticisms against the Trudeau government and the RCMP are well documented. He also participated in the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa in protest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandates.

McKenzie was one of the few dozen Canadians who testified during the Emergencies Act Inquiry after Trudeau invoked the never-before-used powers to stamp out the protestors in Ottawa. MacKenzie testified from jail, where he was held for ongoing gun-related charges. He’s since been released from prison on bail.

“I am the sole provider for my children and their mother,” he told The Counter Signal.

“They live in my home, that I have mortgaged with Scotiabank. I have only a few weeks to secure a new means of paying this mortgage or I will lose the house. Missing just two payments is grounds for the bank to seize your home.” 

David Freiheit, better known by his Twitter handle Viva Frei setup a GiveSendGo campaign for Jeremy Mackenzie which has already amassed over $16,000.  

Scotiabank had previously frozen the bank accounts of clients connected to the Freedom Convoy and subsequently apologised for doing so. 

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