“Shameful”: US House Speaker scolds Liberals over defence spending 

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson scolded the Trudeau Liberals for their lack of national defence spending, where Canada is failing to contribute 2% of its GDP, as agreed by NATO allies. 

“Shameful”: US House Speaker scolds Liberals over defence spending 

Johnson’s comments were made Tuesday at a speaking event focused on ‘threats to the US-led world order.’

“Shamefully, Canada announced in the last few days or last couple of days that they won’t be ponying up. They’re not going to do their 2%,” Johnson said.

He continued, “Why? Talk about riding America’s coattails. They have the, you know, they have the safety and security of being on our border and not having to worry about that. I think that’s shameful.”

He also said the threat is already inside the American border due to rampant illegal immigration under the Biden administration. 

“The enemy is here. The border’s been wide open for three and a half years. By some estimates, 16 million illegals have come across, and they’re not all good people.”

Defence spending

The Trudeau Liberals’ defence spending has been a point of contention for the Canadian delegation at the NATO summit in Washington this week.

According to the NATO estimate, Canada is near the bottom of the list of the 32 member countries, with military spending amounting to 1.37 percent of its GDP.

Numerous US senators wrote to Trudeau last month, expressing disappointment about Canada’s spending commitments.

Less formally, Alaskan US Senator, Dan Sullivan, called Canada’s defence spending “feeble” last year while speaking to a Republican committee. Sullivan joked that Canada should be “put at the kids table.” 

A recent update by Canada’s Defence Minister Bill Blair included a promise that Canada would contribute 1.76 percent of its GDP by 2029.

CAF recruitment woes

Canada’s military is currently facing a recruitment disaster that’s recognized internationally. Recently leaked intelligence documents showed Canada’s military woes are known to be “widespread.”

More members have left the CAF than joined it since COVID vaccines were mandated for all staff. Currently, the CAF is about 15,500 staff short.

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