Conservatives ask lobbying commissioner for investigation into Jagmeet Singh and his brother  
NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is under fire for focusing on Loblaws’ “corporate greed” while his brother works for firm with Metro lobbyists.

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May 13, 2024

Conservative MP Michael Barrett has sent a formal letter to the Commissioner of Lobbying in Canada, requesting an investigation into NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and his brother for potential breaches of the Lobbying Act and the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct.

Conservatives ask lobbying commissioner for investigation into Jagmeet Singh and his brother  

Barrett raises concerns over Gurratan Singh’s role at Crestview Strategy, a firm known for its lobbying on behalf of Metro Inc., and his failure to register as a lobbyist.

The letter points to connections between the Singh brothers, suggesting that Gurratan’s role could have influence in NDP policy circles, which would be a blatant conflict of interest for Jagmeet. 

Jagmeet Singh has been harping on “Multinationals and grocery giants” for months, but seems to focus exclusively on Loblaws instead of their competitor Metro. 

Jagmeet regularly states Loblaws’ profit margins and pricing strategies contribute to the high cost of living and economic inequality for Canadians.

“The Leader of the NDP has named Loblaws 38 times and Galen Weston 22 times since becoming a Member of Parliament,” Barrett wrote to commissioner Nancy Bélanger.

“The majority of mentions of Mr. Weston occurred after Gurratan Singh was hired by Crestview Strategies.” 

Barrett went on to ask “What could explain this exponential increase in the interest of Jagmeet Singh going after a leading competitor of Metro Inc. in the time following the hiring of his brother by Metro Inc.’s lobbying firm?”

In a statement, Gurratan has denied ever lobbying his brother on behalf of Crestview: “I never have, and I never will.” 

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