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FDA authorizes mRNA COVID vaccine for babies

Mike Campbell

June 17, 2022

Following a unanimous vote from independent advisors, the FDA has authorized the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines for babies aged six months and up under ’emergency use.’

FDA authorizes mRNA vaccines for children under 5
FDA authorizes mRNA vaccines for children under 5

“This is a long-awaited vaccine. There are so many parents who are absolutely desperate to get this vaccine, and I think we owe it to them to give them a choice to have the vaccine if they want to,” said panel member Kansas City Children’s Hospital Dr. Jay Portnoy.

“It’s a population that has been much less affected than the older populations, particularly the oldest population, but one nonetheless that has also been affected,” said FDA official Peter Marks.

To justify emergency use authorization, the FDA advisors noted that 442 children under the age of 5 have died during the pandemic in America.

They acknowledged that this figure is extremely low compared to the number of adults (especially elderly adults) who’ve died during the pandemic but essentially argued that even one death is a death too many.

“Each child that’s lost essentially fractures a family,” Marks said.

To put this in perspective, yearly pediatric flu data between 2003 and 2019 shows that the number of child flu deaths can range from 37 to 282 in the US in any given year.

Critics of the decision, including several medical professionals, are now scolding the FDA for this unanimous vote.

Nonetheless, parents will likely be able to vaccinate their babies as early as next week, assuming the CDC gives their approval.

It’s difficult to determine how many parents will choose to ‘vaccinate’ their babies and toddlers, but a survey suggests that at least 1-in-5 will decide to do so.

Indeed, as previously reported by The Counter Signal, 1,600 New York Times readers recently responded to a call for submission, openly declaring their COVID paranoia and admitting that they’ve essentially robbed their kids of their childhoods.

Some went as far as describing their family members as “cellmates,” saying they were desperate for the vaccine and their kids wouldn’t be safe to be kids again until they got the jab.

“Covid-19 slammed the door on us — locked us in and hid away the key,” said one parent about her toddler-aged son.

“His father and I have been his cellmates.”

This is, of course, delusional, as according to publicly available statistics, children under five are at very low risk of having a severe bout of COVID or being hospitalized. 

As it stands, mistrust of vaccine efficacy and the FDA appears to be growing.

Last fall, when deciding whether or not to authorize the vaccines for 5 to 11-year-olds, an FDA panel member infamously admitted that they won’t know if the vaccines are actually safe until after they start giving them.

Additionally, studies suggest that unvaccinated individuals with natural immunity are more protected against re-infection than vaccinated are from being infected the first time and are equally as protected as those with ‘hybrid immunity’ (i.e., those who got the vaccine and then got infected).

Moreover, it’s likely that most children have already developed natural immunity.

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