Global News reporter melts down during Poilievre presser 

Global News reporter melts down during Poilievre presser

A mainstream media Global News reporter is having difficulty coping with new Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre and interrupted his Tuesday press conference several times.

Global News reporter melts down during Poilievre presser
Global News reporter melts down during Poilievre presser.

Poilievre was speaking about inflation and housing costs when Global News reporter David Akin began his meltdown, interrupting repeatedly until Poilievre had enough.

“Look — we have basically a Liberal heckler who’s snuck in here today,” Poilievre said.

“Oh, I’m a Liberal heckler. I’m David Akin, and I work for Global News,” heckler Akin responded. 

“Are you going to let me make my statement? I’ve actually never seen you heckling the Prime Minister before…” Poilievre said before Akin interrupted him yet again.

Akin continued whining and talking over the new Conservative leader. 

“You get two questions at the end. I’ll take questions at the end – thank you very much,” Poilievre said.

Poilievre chirped Akin one more time, calling him a Liberal heckler again. He then said he would restart his announcement. 

Anthony Koch, press secretary for Poilievre, shed more light on Akin’s temper tantrum. 

“At a press conference today on combatting Justin Trudeau’s inflation David Akin told me to tell Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre to “go fuck himself,” Koch tweeted. “Later he erupted in a yelling spasm to try and prevent Mr. Poilievre from even beginning his press conference.”

On Saturday, Poilievre won the Conservative party leadership race and became the Official Opposition leader. He won on the first ballot with 68% of voters’ support — an even higher margin than won by former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper during his leadership victory.

Harper went on to form government for three terms. 

Recent polls show Canadians are growing wearing of the mainstream media. A new Mainstreet Research poll found that most Albertans prefer alternative and independent media sources. Of the respondents, 42% prefer alternative media sources, while 33% rely on mainstream media sources. Another 26% said they were not sure, as reported by True North.

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