WATCH: Jagmeet Singh flees event in Brampton

Keean Bexte

May 28, 2022

Videos have emerged showing NDP leader Jagmeet Singh getting heckled so bad he had to flee his public event in Brampton.

“We got questions,” a man yells as Jagmeet Singh hurries into his car.

“Jagmeet! Jagmeet! Yo, bro, don’t run,” another says.

“Jagmeet, I’m wearing a mask, bro. You’ve got to respect me!”

As some have noted and as videos show, Brampton is almost majority South Asian, with Sikhs — the religion Singh belongs to, and what makes this shameful retreat even funnier — being one of the most notable religious groups in the area.

Indeed, at the public meet and greet, nearly all of those heckling Singh were Indian Sikhs, who Singh subsequently called the police on.

Videos also reveal NDP staff, all of whom were masked, preventing several Indian men from attending the event, even though it was supposedly open to the public.

However, despite calling the police on hecklers, it doesn’t look like anyone’s been arrested. Moreover, in a separate video, several Indian men talk with police, sharing a laugh over Singh’s cowardice.

Major pushback from the Sikh community appears to have been inflamed during the Freedom Convoy protest, which many Sikhs attended, both in and out of the trucker community.

Many protesters noted Singh’s role and support in pushing lockdowns and COVID restrictions, while others have pointed out his allegiance to the World Economic Forum, of which Singh is not only a member but a trainee through the WEF’s five-year Young Global Leaders program.

Before Singh was run out of Brampton, he expressed concern over possible racism at future events, echoing Trudeau’s lies that he cancelled a fundraiser over racist slurs.

Of course, allegations of racist slurs at Trudeau’s Liberal events were debunked, and several mainstream media outlets have been forced to amend their articles due to lack of evidence. In reality, no one shouted anything remotely racist at Trudeau — his mere presence simply elicits scorn from Canadians.

It will be hard for Singh to make the same allegations given the demographics shown in videos of his disgracing.

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