Protesters greet Trudeau in Saskatoon, the third city in a row

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May 26, 2022

During a stop in Saskatoon yesterday, Justin Trudeau was greeted by protesters, marking the third city in a row that the widely loathed Prime Minister was denounced.

Trudeau protest saskatoon
Protesters greet PM Trudeau.

If it were any other Prime Minister, the stop would have been unremarkable or otherwise celebrated. After all, announcing $32 million in funding for long-term care homes in a country with an aging population isn’t exactly controversial.

Nonetheless, a large crowd of protesters awaited Trudeau, equipped with megaphones, Canadian flags, and signage telling Trudeau that he was unwelcome in Saskatoon.

As Trudeau began his speech at the St. Ann’s Senior Citizens’ Village, protesters heckling and trucks honking could be heard in the background.

Besides the announcement, Trudeau also took the opportunity to utilize the recent school shooting in Texas to advocate for more gun control in Canada.

As noted, this marks the third city in a row that Trudeau has received backlash.

Earlier this week, a trip to Kamloops, BC, ended in disaster, with a crowd of First Nations telling Trudeau to “Take your disrespect out of our tribe” before calling him a “criminal.”

“Today, we’re here to remember the L—” Trudeau began.

“You’re a criminal,” a First Nations protester interjected.

The second protest happened in Surrey, BC, with a large showing of protesters leading to Trudeau cancelling a fundraiser over “safety concerns.”

“Trudeau must go! Trudeau must go,” video captures protesters waving Canadian flags and chanting.

“F*ck Trudeau,” one protester shouts amidst the chanting after something unintelligible was said on a loudspeaker.

Those in the mainstream media initially claimed that the event was cancelled, in part, due to “racial slurs” made towards Asians. However, due to a lack of evidence, many of these articles later had to be amended.

Moreover, as columnist Rupa Subramanya notes, “Trudeau and some of his MPs allege racial slurs were hurled at some of the attendees. Is it possible the CBC accepted as fact without verifying. If true, we’re again in tinpot territory where state media believes what government says or at a bare minimum, lazy journalism.”

Indeed, having reviewed several videos, there does not appear to be evidence that protesters were racist — the protesters simply do not like Trudeau.

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