WATCH: Jordan Peterson protesters outnumbered 1000 to 1 in Calgary

Keean Bexte

February 28, 2023

Protesters outside Dr. Jordan Peterson’s speaking tour in Calgary were outnumbered by about 1000 to 1 on Sunday night.

Jordan Peterson protesters outnumbered 1000 to 1 in Calgary

The Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium hosted Peterson this week, where he continued his 12 More Rules for Life tour.

Protesters had advertised the demonstration to try and encourage others to join.

“Jordan Peterson is among the most despicable men in the world and Calgary is giving him a stage this weekend,” an account called Drag Me To the Street said on Instagram.

“The @jubilee_ab is hosting him this month and again in May! This is unacceptable and we must let him, his followers and The Jubilee know that their ideologies are hurtful, dangerous and not welcome in our community!”

But only about a dozen protesters showed up in the end.

One user on Instagram responded to the account trying to cancel the event, saying how he found Peterson’s lecture valuable.

“It was a wonderful event with a ton of positive messages for personal responsibility! there was about 6 people protesting, thousands came out to enjoy all the wonderful information and anecdotes !!”

Several mainstream media outlets had reported on the planned protests of the “controversial” Peterson.

Last month, in Ottawa, not one protester could be seen before Peterson’s event at the Senator’s hockey arena, the Canadian Tire Centre.

Peterson’s Ottawa event was preceded by 36 groups issuing a joint letter to Ottawa City Council, demanding they cancel Peterson’s event.

“We are a coalition of organizations, small businesses and labour unions that represent thousands of residents across the City of Ottawa and surrounding areas,” the letter read.

“…Many of whom are from equity-deserving communities and almost all of whom experienced the traumatic events of the occupation of our city by the far-right.” 

Cooler heads prevailed, and no one caved to the mob’s demands. 

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