Nenshi campaigns for DEI at public schools during NDP leadership

Alexa Posa

March 26, 2024

Alberta NDP candidate Naheed Nenshi has been propped up by a Calgary Catholic high school where he spoke about “anti-racism.”

Catholic School Board invites Nenshi for anti-racism presentation during campaign 

The Counter Signal confirmed that since announcing his candidacy, the former Calgary mayor Nenshi has given at least one presentation this month at a school that’s supposedly non-partisan.

The Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) confirmed that Nenshi spoke at All Saints High School in the neighbourhood of Legacy earlier this month — and after he announced that he was running for the NDP leadership position.

In an email, the CCSD stated Nenshi’s presentation was done “in recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Racism in March,” and that it was arranged “far in advance” of his campaign announcement. 

“There was no discussion of politics at the event,” they added. 

The CCSD further said the Racial Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team invited Nenshi “as a person of colour” in hopes he could encourage students to “share their voice and work towards more inclusive and welcoming communities.” 

Throughout the school system, the CCSD said they’re “committed to making racial equity a moral and strategic priority.” 

The CCSD did not respond to a follow up question as to why they wouldn’t cancel their event with Nenshi once they knew he was a candidate for the NDP. 

CCSD tackling “systemic racism” 

The CCSD has created a 3-year framework that strives to “dismantle racism and exclusion.”

“Implementing this plan allows our district and community to move forward by remembering and acknowledging the past to create a better future,” their website states. 

Included on their website is an equity framework presentation teaching anti-racism concepts to teachers and students within the school district. 

Poll shows UCP would win a majority government if running against Nenshi

According to Pallas data’s March 18th update, the UCP would win a majority government if running against not only Nenshi, but all six Alberta NDP leadership candidates. 

After announcing his campaign, Nenshi has taken the lead among the six however, the UCP is up by 7 seats. 

The poll additionally states that Nenshi is the most favorable candidate to NDP voters in the leadership race, gaining himself a significant lead.

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