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Ontario expands 4th vaccine eligibility, warns of myocarditis

Mike Campbell

July 13, 2022

Shockingly, Ontario Chief Medical Officer Kieran Moore has announced that a fourth vaccine is now available for everyone 18+ but said not everyone should get it due to the risk of myocarditis.

Ontario CMO expands 4th shot eligibility but warns of the risk of myocarditis
Ontario CMO expands 4th shot eligibility but warns of the risk of myocarditis

As one could expect, the masked and socially distanced mainstream media reporters lost their minds during the question period.

Reporter: “I just want to get clarification. If I’m a young, healthy person, should I be getting a 4th vaccine dose right now, when Omricron is spreading so quickly…?”

Dr. Moore: “If you’ve had your first two doses and your first booster, we would not – you may get your second booster dose, but it’s not a ‘should.'”

Reporter: “Why not recommend it to everybody instead of saying it’s a personal decision?”

Dr. Moore: “Because at present, we’re doing a risk-based approach.”

Reporter: “What’s the risk?”

Dr. Moore: “There’s always a risk to having any therapeutic versus a benefit. You want to make sure there’s a very strong benefit versus the risk. If you’re an 18-year-old healthy individual, the risk of getting hospitalized if you have no underlying medical illness is very, very low. We know there is a risk, a very small risk, 1 in 5000 that may get myocarditis, for example, and you’d have to have that discussion on the risk-benefit of a complication from the vaccine versus the benefit of vaccination – for a young, healthy person.”

There are so many takeaways from Dr. Moore’s response.

One, he called the vaccine a therapeutic – something that got Alex Berenson temporarily banned from Twitter before finally being reinstated recently.

Two, a Canadian medical authority finally acknowledged that healthy people should weigh the risks of adverse reactions against whatever benefits the leaky, waning vaccines provide.

That said, the reporters’ confusion was warranted. On the one hand, Ontario expanded the eligibility to 18+ to get the fourth shot; however, they didn’t advise everyone to get it.

So, why not just make the 4th dose eligible for the vulnerable, rather than everyone 18+, if it’s not being advised to everyone 18+?

Firstly, Dr. Moore said that a new “vaccine” is being manufactured and could be ready by the Fall to protect against the new variants more effectively.

Nevertheless, Canada has a surplus of vaccines about to expire, and the government likely wants to pawn some of them off on the populace instead of dumping them — this is on top of the $100 million worth of vaccines that Canada donated to foreign countries that ended up expiring.

To this point, upon being asked by a reporter how many vaccines have been thrown out by pharmacists, Dr. Moore said more time was needed before he could provide those numbers.

In light of the mixed messages, Dr. Moore said that more guidance is needed from Health Canada and the WHO.

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