Quebec temporarily bans all wood fire appliances citing poor climate

The city of Quebec has temporarily banned citizens from using wood burning appliances due to what they say is poor air quality. 

Quebec temporarily bans all wood fire appliances citing poor climate

This ban started Wednesday and includes appliances such as wood and coal stoves, wood-burning furnaces, as well as masonry and factory built fireplaces. 

No specific date was given to citizens as to when the wood fire climate lockdown would be lifted. 

A number of affected residents have expressed frustration with the city’s decision, with one calling it “rubbish,” and others claiming they are seriously considering moving. 

“I feel there’s a lot of frustration. People are unhappy,” said business owner Célina Fontaine. 

But Jean-Pascal Lavoie, the spokesperson for the city said the measure is just a temporary one “for the benefit of the health of our citizens.”

The air quality index was jumping between “good” and “moderate” on the first day of the ban, which confused many citizens as to why it was needed to begin with. Public health physician Dr. Robert told le journal de quebec that the air had “more fine particles” than normal. 

However, some residents reported having no issues with the air conditions in their area. 

Liberal party claims wood burning appliances lead to climate change

Recently, Quebec city has required citizens to register their wood burning appliances to help limit CO2 emissions.. 

Moreover, Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault, a self-proclaimed socialist, recently announced he was investigating high carbon emissions caused by pizzerias and bagel shops due to their wood burning ovens. 

This could potentially lead to small business owners having to annually report their waste, carbon usage, and recycling habits. 

Conservative party leader Pierre Poilievre subsequently mocked Guilbeault for the regulatory scheme, calling the issue a “terrible, existential crisis to the entire universe which of course is pizza ovens.”

In other climate lockdown related news, in 2022, unelected IGOs advised the British government to outright ban driving on Sundays to curb rising gas prices and address an energy crisis.

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