Smith takes shot at CBC in defending choice to share stage with Tucker Carlson
Smith pokes fun at CBC in defending her choice to share stage with someone who has controversial views.

TCS Wire

November 8, 2023

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith took a pot shot at the state-broadcaster CBC after receiving harsh criticism from New Democrat Party (NDP) members over the news that Smith will share a stage with Tucker Carlson at a live event in January.

Smith takes shot at CBC in defending choice to share stage with Tucker Carlson

NDP members were dismayed at the news, calling Carlson all sorts of nasty things, while chastising Smith for choosing to share a stage with him.

“I don’t agree with every person who interviews me,” Smith said in response, adding “If I took the approach, I’d never do an interview with the CBC.”

After the news broke that Smith would share a stage with Carlson at the TELUS Convention Centre on January 24, Lethbridge NDP MLA Shannon Phillips implied that Smith is a racist for meeting the “white nationalist” Carlson.

The NDP leader Rachel Notley called Carlson an extremist, an insurrectionist, and a womanizer. 

“By appearing on stage beside a person with such hateful, harmful views, Smith shows a total disregard for the negative consequences this will have on Alberta’s reputation, and casts severe doubt on her own,” Notley said.

Another NDP MLA, David Shepherd, likewise called Carlson a white nationalist.


Smith regularly provides interviews with the CBC, even after their relentless election campaign attack on her.

The CBC, which claims it has no bias whatsoever in reporting news, recently referenced Dr. Evil from Austin Powers to explain how much money Smith believes Alberta is entitled to from the Canada Pension Plan.  

Earlier this year the CBC was forced to admit they “regret” publishing a January 19 article that alleged Alberta Premier Smith’s office contacted Crown prosecutors and meddled in the active Coutts border case — a claim that Smith has since been cleared of from the Ethics Commissioner.

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