White House doctor says vaccine efficacy claims were based on “hope,” not science

White House doctor says vaccine efficacy was based on "hope"

While testifying before Congress, 2020 White House COVID response coordinator Deborah Birx admitted that claims that COVID vaccines prevented transmission were based on “hope,” not science, and public officials were aware of repeat infections by late 2020.

White House doctor says vaccine efficacy was based on "hope"
White House doctor says vaccine efficacy was based on “hope”

“There was evidence from the global pandemic that natural reinfection was occurring,” said Dr. Birx in her testimony.

“And since the vaccine was based on natural immunity, you cannot make the conclusion that the vaccine will do better than natural infection.”

Despite knowing this, top health officials, such as Anthony Fauci and those he advised, continued perpetuating the myth that vaccines were 90% effective at preventing transmission and repeat infections.

She continues, saying that because she was aware that vaccine efficacy “like natural immunity” waned, she and her family continued to use “layered protection” throughout the pandemic.

“I knew eventually that the vaccine immunity would wane like natural immunity waned. And there was evidence [that] every four months reinfection was occurring in South Africa.”

When pressured, Birx admitted that the White House’s belief the vaccine prevented transmission was primarily based on “hope,” not science.

“When the government told us that the vaccinated couldn’t transmit [COVID-19], was that a lie or was that a guess?” asked Congressman Jim Jordan.

“I think it was hope that the vaccine would work in that way,” responded Birx. “And that’s why I think scientists and public health leaders always have to be at the table being very clear what we know and what we don’t know.”

This revelation comes after multiple studies have shown that none of the four mainstream COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson) provide adequate long-term protection, with protection dropping to practically zero after less than six months.

It’s no wonder that Pfizer’s CEO expects that those taking the vaccine rather than taking their chance with natural immunity will need ongoing vaccinations every year (possibly forever).

A peer-reviewed study has also found that natural immunity is a better long-term solution to possible COVID infections, which Pfizer scientists secretly recorded by Project Veritas admitted last year.

Unfortunately, public health officials are only admitting this now, and it took testifying in front of Congress to elicit the truth.

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