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CBC host says she’s confused about COVID censorship

Thomas Lambert

April 19, 2022

During an interview with Conservative leadership candidate Roman Baber, CBC host Vassy Kapelos said she was confused by his claims that there’s been mass censorship from the Left regarding spreading COVID information online.

“… This idea that there’s this massive amount of censorship out there. The left-wing, you know, ‘hateful ideology’ that you say you’re fighting — I’m not sure what you’re specifically pointing to. I don’t know.” Kapelos said.

“You’re saying that society needs to move past divisions, but you’re articulating that there’s a huge cleavage and that people on that side who are articulating [that] maybe they’re in favour of lockdowns, maybe they’re a little about worried about some things, you’re saying that equates to censorship or hateful ideology. I’m confused by how you get to that point.”

Of course, people’s opinion on lockdowns isn’t the issue Baber is pointing out. As Baber notes, the issue is the mass censorship and throttling on social media that occurs whenever someone tries to share a story about vaccine-related injuries or lack of vaccine efficacy or points to the harmful effects of lockdowns and mandates.

“We’ve seen in the last couple [of] years [that] there’s been a push against diversity of opinion, particularly as it pertains to Canada’s public health perspective,” Baber responds. “We know that doctors that are speaking out against lockdowns or are believing that perhaps there’s a better way to address our public health concerns have been gagged.”

“We know that the regulator — Ontario’s regulator, for instance — has come out and said that doctors are not permitted to oppose or question public health measures. I don’t think that’s good for our democracy or for public health.”

“We’re also seeing a lot of censorship on social media,” Baber continues. “There’s no question that whether it’s censorship on Instagram or Twitter, deletion of accounts, shadow banning, those are regretfully practices that Canadians have become exposed to in the last couple years.”

At this, the CBC’s Kapelos appears flabbergasted, apparently having not experienced any of the same censorship that independent media needs to worry about every day, and quickly changes the subject.

At The Counter Signal, we can confirm reports of censorship, having several of our stories on vaccine efficacy and possible vaccine adverse events censored, throttled, and shadow banned on social media.

This censorship makes it significantly more difficult and sometimes impossible to proliferate data related to vaccines and COVID, allowing Trudeau’s federally funded broadcaster, the CBC, to occupy the eyes and minds of potential readers. As Baber noted, it’s an attack on diversity of opinion.

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